15 Morning Habits Of Successful CEOs

What do ultra-rich and successful CEOs do to balance their busy schedule? 

We, as average mortals, have a lot to learn from them. These successful CEOs have an incredible work-life balance. They make time for themselves. They give ample time to their families. They also make out time to do the things that they like.

This article has a list of 15 daily morning habits of successful CEOs. These habits have been curated after researching the daily routines of CEOs like Satya Nadella, Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey, etc.

Get Up Early

Morning Habits Of Successful CEOs

Millionaires are known as early risers. They also get to bed early. CEOs who are self-made sleep over seven hours each night. This allows their bodies to rest properly. Waking up early is refreshing.

The early start helps prepare their day in advance. This is a practical organizational ability that every billionaire has.

Getting up early allows employees to cope with unpredictable daily interruptions.

Do Not Break A Routine

Morning Habits Of Successful CEOs

CEOs are very strict regarding their daily routine. They are accustomed to having plans for their schedule to ensure easy and steady progress.

Sleeping early and getting up early is a component of this strategy. CEOs are aware of the importance of maintaining good well-being and healthy eating. They, therefore, take action every day to maintain their health.

Exercise, meditation, and a healthy breakfast are the way their day begins.

Also, they take some time to prepare their day for meetings, discussions, and so on.

Invest In Family Time

Morning Habits Of Successful CEOs

Successful CEOs are known to invest in family time. They have cracked the code of perfect work-life balance and can give proper time to work and family.

However, they do understand that there will be some days when work will demand more attention than family and vice versa. 

And they have conditioned their mind to not feel guilty about the days when they are not able to give proper time to their family because they are busy with work.

Check Email

Morning Habits Of Successful CEOs

This is one of the most important daily morning habits of successful CEOs. CEOs are known to start their day by checking their mail and also end it the same way.

This habit is beneficial as it enables them to have enough time to rectify and deal with unexpected problems that may arise. Checking mail also prepares them for the day at the office and how they can plan it to get the most out of it.

Make sure to only focus on the most important emails in the morning. Otherwise, you will get caught in the web of WWW and miss other important tasks in your routine.

Read News

Morning Habits Of Successful CEOs

CEOs are in the habit of staying up to date with whatever is happening in the world. Reading news helps them to make informed decisions.

Starting your day with business and financial news gives direction to your day. It gives direction to the decisions you are going to make throughout the day.

More than 70% of the successful CEOs of the world vouch for reading news on a daily basis.

Practice Gratitude

Morning Habits Of Successful CEOs

Satya Nadella, in an interview, mentioned that the first thing he does after waking up is ask himself, “What are you thankful for?”

According to him, this ritual is “grounding,” and “it gives you the ability to get up in the morning and orient yourself for the day.”

Gratitude helps you stay thankful for what you have. It makes you appreciate your present. It enables you to feel positive emotions and relish good experiences and, in turn, nurture strong and healthy relationships. 

Gratitude can also help you improve your health.

Healthy Breakfast

Morning Habits Of Successful CEOs

Most successful CEOs of the world have mentioned the importance of a healthy diet. They hit the gym every day, go for regular walks, exercise, and meditate, and also prefer a healthy breakfast.

It is this daily ritual of honoring their body that sets them apart. If you honor your body, your body will also support you through everything.

Numerous books have been written on the importance of working on your health despite everything because once you start neglecting your health, it’s turtles all the way down.  

They Have Set Clear And Smart Goals

Morning Habits Of Successful CEOs

CEOs are intelligent planners. They keep a daily list to complete and strive to complete it on the exact day.

Procrastination is a devil’s desire. Delaying things until the next day isn’t going to allow you to achieve your goals or even get near them.

Additionally, CEOs also use the art that is known as “Dream-Setting.” This technique allows you to envision yourself in the future. Imagine all your dreams being realized and draw them on paper or put it displayed on your vision boards.

You’ll be amazed at how many CEOs have reported using this technique. A whopping 61 percent of Self-made CEOs.

They Shouldn’t Be Taking “No” For An Answer

Morning Habits Of Successful CEOs

Self-made CEOs are extremely determined and rarely give up. They never give up on their goals.

For instance, Oprah Winfrey and J K Rowling faced a variety of difficulties – aka rejections in their careers at the beginning. However, they decided to persevere and persevere until they achieved the results they desired.

CEOs understand that failure is part of life, and they are taught early how to get from a fall.

They Have Assets But No Liabilities

Morning Habits Of Successful CEOs

One thing you’ve observed concerning CEOs is they usually opt to avoid the spotlight unless they are involved in showbiz. What I am referring to here is luxurious automobiles, a huge mansion for a home, etc.

Wealthy people are aware that these are all liabilities and prefer to put money into assets.

For instance, Warren Buffet lived in a fairly normal house, but he had the opportunity to purchase any mansion he desired in cash. However, he hasn’t.

They Are Willing To Take Risks

Morning Habits Of Successful CEOs

One of the most effective habits of the CEO’s morning is their ability and the strength to be willing to risk it all. This is a result of daily affirmations. CEOs understand how taking risks can be the way to success and growth.

If we look at the past and consider the way Steve Jobs built the name Apple and the Apple brand, we will realize that Steve Jobs was a risk-taker. He had an idea of “putting a computer in the hands of everyday people,” and he remained focused on this goal and eventually achieved it.

Elon Musk, owner of Tesla and SpaceX, is among the most prominent advocates for space exploration. Elon Musk is not a person who is hesitant to give an answer and has taken a number of risks in order to get where he’s at the moment.

Therefore, CEOs are willing to make a choice to take risks and diversify their sources of income.

They’re Great At Networking

Morning Habits Of Successful CEOs

Everyone can attest to this everyday habit of CEOs. The importance of networking is not limited to the business world but also to your personal life.

The staggering wealth and success aren’t all their own. They benefit from effective networking.

Through conferences, client meetings, and informal outings, they are sure that they make strong professional connections with others whom they can learn from and benefit from.

They Are Eager To Learn

Morning Habits Of Successful CEOs

CEOs have Avid readers. They are always interested in learning new skills and always seek to improve towards improvement and how better to accomplish it than through reading.

Reading can be beneficial as it helps you learn from mistakes made by others. Making mistakes yourself can be beneficial, but it can be a long-term process that has costs.

This habit will give you an easier time discovering new things and possibly the success you desire, but it won’t be without effort.

They Are Always Willing To Help Others And Asking For Assistance

Morning Habits Of Successful CEOs

CEOs are aware of the importance of having good connections, as well as good assistance. They know that they aren’t and shouldn’t be able to do everything on their own.

So, you’ll always find them volunteering to give a helping hand to anyone in need.

CEOs also don’t be afraid to seek assistance when they require it.

Get Together With Successful People

Morning Habits Of Successful CEOs

CEOs look for mentors. They usually find that source of knowledge not just in books but also through the people they meet and their networks.

Meeting with successful people can be a great way to think about and visualize your goals. You can also seek advice regarding an innovative idea.

CEOs also seek feedback and are open to constructive criticism as they are aware that it can help them improve their performance.


One thing that is noticeable here is that all these habits are so common. There is nothing extraordinary about it, and you can easily incorporate them into your morning routine.

Tell us which habits you find most beneficial out of the 15 daily morning habits of successful CEOs mentioned above.

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