What Are Some Good Morning Habits?

Mornings do not need to be tough and lousy. If you also suffer from that every morning, then you need to have a morning routine. 

People who have a morning routine tend to accomplish more daily. Moreover, mornings can be fun if you have a ritual around them. Add daily good morning habits to start your day with a thousand watts of energy.

The perfect morning routine promotes wellness and allows you to achieve as much as possible during the day. A morning routine is essential for staying productive and encouraging.

Automating our mornings can help save our time and focus. Here are some good habits you can add to your morning routine. Use the good morning habits listed below to form an ideal morning routine that works for you.

Avoid Snooze Button

Believe me when I say that the snooze button is why your mornings are lousy and unenthusiastic. It is the root cause of the groggy mood that you wake up with every morning.

Hitting snooze is a way of procrastinating. When you hit snooze, your body goes in and out of sleep, which disrupts your sleep and brings down your mood.

One way to get rid of this habit is to keep your alarm clock away. Doing this will force you to get up and turn it off. Keeping your alarm clock away will enable you to wake up easily and will make it less enticing to hit snooze. 

Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day for better sleep.

Make Your Bed


Making your bed every day right after you wake up sets you up for the day. It is a chore that can deceive your mind to feel good and provide you with a sense of accomplishment. 

“If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another. And by the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed.” —-Admiral H. McRaven

Making your bed first thing in the morning will enable you to stay more organized and fill you with positive energy.

Don’t Be Hooked to Your Phone


For such a tiny device, it gets a lot of attention from us. Don’t be hooked to your phone, especially just before or after waking up.

This is because every time we check our phones, we invite a lot of bullshit into our brains. Your phone can cause stress. It has potential triggers which can affect your mood badly.

Bad and negative moods can disrupt your calm and relaxed state. 

Drink Water


I cannot stress this enough. You must have grown up hearing your mother encourage you to start your day with a glass of lukewarm water. 

The benefits of having plenty of water have been well documented everywhere, and we all know the importance of keeping ourselves hydrated throughout the day.

Drinking a whole glass of water early in the morning is a crucial component of a great morning routine. This can help with your digestion and bowel movement and give you a fresh start to the day.



Meditation early in the morning is a wonderful technique to calm your nerves. Meditation is one of the good morning habits and can not only help you to stay calm and focused but also help you with good memory and concentration.

Daily meditation for 5 minutes kick starts your day with a whole different level of positivity. 

Meditation techniques can vary from person to person, and you can choose to meditate however you like. Chanting “OM” is one way and is known to purify your mind and environment and make you feel happier.



We often keep pushing things under the rug, especially the bad experiences where we were displaced from our normal state of safety and jocundity. 

Retrospect of an act of courage. You think about things and take responsibility for what has happened. It gives you a clearer picture, a new perspective of what has happened and how to rectify it.

The main idea behind daily retrospection is to know what went well yesterday and how to improve upon it today.



Much has been written about the benefits of regular exercise. You can find celebrities and health experts advocating about it often.

Exercising is a part of your self-care and helps you stay healthy and young. 

Some of you may not be a morning workout person, and one can’t argue that working out in the morning will have more benefits than working out at any other time of the day. 

However, a recent study suggested that an afternoon workout is the most beneficial. So pick your time accordingly, but do work out every day.

If you can’t find time to squeeze in a quick workout or yoga -which you should- then you can at least go for a good stretch in the morning. It can help you feel pumped up and energized.

Practice Affirmation


Affirmations are another good way to start your day. Affirmations should be repeated throughout the day; hence, you can’t actually fix a time for it.

But morning affirmations give you that extra boost to start your day positively. You can wake up and thank god for another day, a fresh start, affirm yourself, and get about your everyday work with newfound confidence.

Review Your To-Do List


“When we don’t purposely and deliberately choose where to focus our energies and time, other people—our bosses, our colleagues, our clients, and even our families—will choose for us, and before long, we’ll have lost sight of everything meaningful and important.” — Greg McKeown

This is one of the most important habits, and I believe everyone should incorporate it into their morning routine. Some people do not allow work in their morning routine, but reviewing your to-do list will enable you to plan your day.

It will also help you stay organized and focused. Reviewing your list will give you the perfect time to strategize and is great for productivity.

Healthy Routine For a Productive Morning


The difference between a good and a great morning is covered by good morning habits. As soon as you wake up, you start making choices, and your productivity begins. Choose to wake up and make it the best day ever.

Your choices determine how much you can achieve throughout the day. It also determines how you are going to move through the day. 

Hence, make good choices and start with your daily morning routine, and inculcate good morning habits. Remember that you are in control of your life, now and always.

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