15 Morning Habits You Need to Break

In today’s fast paced world, we often pick up habits which are definitely not good for our health or life but which make things easier for us and are working well for us in our current situation.

But, starting the day well is necessary. It will enable you to have increased positivity. 

Let’s take a look at some of these bad habits that we have picked up over the years which we should let go of as soon as possible. 

This article lists down 15 morning habits you need to break and will also help you with the ways you can incorporate that into your life.

Snooze The Alarm

Morning Habits You Need to Break

The snooze button is worthy of first place on this list since that’s what we do the majority of time early in the morning.

Mel Robbins, author, and motivational speaker says sleeping in with the help of snooze can kill at the very least four hours of productive time in your day.

There is a science behind it.

Humans sleep in cycles of around 90 minutes. When you press the snooze button in order to get 5 minutes more of sleep Your brain sends you the signal to initiate another sleep cycle.

However, the alarm just triggers “sleep inertia”. Inertia from sleep is the feeling of grogginess you feel upon waking. 

If you start your day with this condition you’re exhausted and want to go into a deep sleep.

Be sure to sleep at the correct time. Get an alarm which gets you up at the conclusion of a sleeping cycle in order to decrease the inertia of sleep.

Make Sure You Check Your Phone

Morning Habits You Need to Break

Most of us are aware that smartphones have replaced the alarm clock. The initial thing that we perform every morning is grab the phone to shut off the alarm. It’s tempting to get back to sleep using the phone and begin looking over your notifications and messages.

What’s the first application you test?

It could be an app for social media or, if you’re an owner of a business online, it’s appealing to look at your email or Instagram, Analytics, etc.

This way, you’re not allowing your brain to gradually awake. You’re immediately bombarded by messages and emails which make you feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Our brains must be provided with the opportunity to get up to the world slowly. In feeding it all kinds of information may be depressing. Additionally, social media can be a tangled web in which you could fall and lose time before you realize it.

The Day Isn’t Planned

Morning Habits You Need to Break

There aren’t many people who use an organizer or want to have one. But, you should make a plan for your day to prevent stress and ensure that you accomplish the most important tasks first.

If you don’t have a plan on your day’s agenda, you’ll likely fall victim to delay and confusion. You’re sure you’re performing “something” but can’t decide which one to complete first.

Using up your precious energy through indecisiveness is not a good choice. So, in order to increase your efficiency make a plan for your day before bed or right after waking up.

Not Doing Mindset Work

Morning Habits You Need to Break

We all have mental blocks and negative beliefs that hinder us from realizing our potential to the fullest. Mental blocks are a lack of confidence in yourself that keep pulling you back. 

It is therefore essential to tackle these issues if you wish to be successful in the way you’d like to. Here are some practical suggestions to include into your morning routine.

  • Find out what/who is holding you back. Read about the success stories from those who have overcome these obstacles.
  • Learn about personal development through books or listen to motivational audio podcasts, and view inspirational Youtube videos
  • Meditation is effective on a variety of levels if you do not wish to be a slave of your mind
  • Make affirmations and practise them religiously to overcome the negative beliefs that limit you

Not Nourishing Your Body

Morning Habits You Need to Break

If you continue to go in and out of taking your health for granted, you’ll need to be prepared for illness.

While it’s fine to indulge in junk food at times, maintaining  a healthy lifestyle is essential. Here are some routines for your morning you can create to make sure you are healthy and fit for your day:

  • A healthy morning breakfast 
  • An intense exercise routine
  • Getting sunlight
  • Supplements

Avoid eating packaged food at the beginning of the day. 

Stay clear of food products that are packaged in a container with added preservatives.

Include whole food items and more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. If you feel you don’t have the time to cook healthy meals each day you can try planning your meals and making plans for the week on Sundays. 

Consuming Negative Content

Morning Habits You Need to Break

If you’re reading the newspaper, you’re very likely to be filling yourself with negative content. 

There’s so much positive all over the world, however, people don’t talk about it frequently. 

If you believe that reading news is crucial for your company or if you’d like to keep up-to-date with your passions, today there are ways to achieve it without having to worry about negative reviews.

For example, apps for business and sports news podcasts, websites, etc. Be careful not to lose yourself in the shuffle.

Not Decluttering

Morning Habits You Need to Break

The clutter in your home can affect your productivity and mood. Wake up early in the morning, make sure your home and the surroundings are neat and tidy. Put your bed in place, and put everything back into its place and keep the smooth surfaces spotless.

It is the beginning of the day to be a positive one. A few minutes of decluttering everyday can do wonders to your life.

Coffee Drinking First Thing In The Morning

Morning Habits You Need to Break

If you draw a lot of caffeine to get up take note of this. A moderate amount of coffee is believed to be beneficial for well-being. But starting your day with a cup of coffee is a blunder.

As an alternative to coffee, kick off your day with a large cup of water.

Your body must get hydrated early in the morning since it has been fasting throughout the night.

It is known as a diuretic meaning it can stimulate the production of urine in the kidneys. It also causes an increase in dehydration. Also it is an acidic beverage. Consuming coffee early in the morning causes you stomach make more hydrochloric acid. In the case of people suffering from stomach problems like acid reflux, IBS, etc. it can cause more harm than good.

Insufficiently Preparing For Early Morning Rush

Morning Habits You Need to Break

Do you start your day with uncertainty and hurrying through your chores so you can leave on time? Do you need to be angry with your children because they are unable to locate the items they need to dress for school?

You may not be a well-organized person. However, you can take these things to begin your day with ease.

  • Every week, you should keep all of your clothing ironed. Then hang them or place them in a drawer, so you can pick your outfit quickly at the beginning of your day. 
  • It is vital to plan your meals when you don’t want to feel exhausted from contemplating. It is possible to plan your meals in advance for the week, or month ahead. 


Morning Habits You Need to Break

Start your day with a positive attitude. There are plenty of things to be angry and sad about. Don’t be the one who reminds others and yourself about the problems of life every early morning.

Begin your day by being grateful. It can help you get rid of the habit of stress and see things with a fresh perspective. It is important to take some time in the morning to appreciate the amazing things you overlook.

Your mind wants to imagine the worst possible scenario and then exaggerate it. Most of the things that we fret about never actually happen.

It is possible to break the cycle of worry by doing mindfulness.

Performing Unimportant Tasks First

Morning Habits You Need to Break

A lot of people put off difficult projects until the last minute of the day, because it’s uncomfortable. If you have two crucial assignments to accomplish, begin with the most difficult, largest and most important one first.

If you wish to keep high levels of efficiency every day Get into the habit of working on the most difficult task early at the beginning of each day. It allows you to get directly into the task without any thought and complete the task.

This means that you can accomplish more in a week than the majority of people.

Inattention To Hydrating

Morning Habits You Need to Break

The most crucial morning routines that a lot of people do not even think about is monitoring the amount of water in our bodies. 

Drinking enough water in the morning keeps you well-hydrated throughout the day. It will aid in maintaining a healthy gut as well as metabolism. 

Drinking water in the morning will also boost the immune system and help keep bladder and bad breath from developing infections. To stay healthy and productive, begin developing the habit of beginning your day with plenty of water and de-stressing drinks.

Not Exercising

Morning Habits You Need to Break

The other bad habit to avoid is not having a morning workout routine. The effects may not manifest when we’re young. 

Making fitness a part of our daily routine is among the most effective actions we can make for ourselves. A workout in the morning for only 15-30 minutes boosts physical and mental efficiency. 

In addition, early morning workouts will boost our metabolism and keep us healthy.

Start Your Day By Reading The News

Morning Habits You Need to Break

Contrary to popular opinion that we should not start our morning with news is not an ideal way to start your day because it could affect our mental well-being. 

The reading of negative news and articles early in the morning could dampen your optimism immediately and is the primary reason why experts suggest not starting our day with the news. 

It can negatively impact our outlook and can hinder productivity.

However, staying up to date with the latest news and understanding what’s happening in the world is vital to be aware of, so do it in the morning, after we’ve completed your morning routine. 

Or, just go through headlines to select the news and focus our attention on.

Breakfast Is Skipped

Morning Habits You Need to Break

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It is an act of breaking the fast’ that is, eating following an extended sleep period of between seven and eight hours. 

Furthermore, it is the most important meal of the day and it is important to not avoid it just to get an extra hour to complete other things during the day.

Hunger for a long time can affect our health over the long term. Thus, the first thing we do in the morning is important to take in whole food and increase the amount of vegetables and fruits. Plan your meals for the morning in advance.


So, we have reached the end of our checklist of morning habits you need to break. Getting rid of these petty habits is in your hands. You can definitely change these into positive ones once you have decided. You have the freedom to choose the course your life is going to take. Change your habits, change your life.

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