10 Morning Habits To Boost Your Happiness

Happiness is like sand in the hands of time. The warm fuzzy feeling in your heart slips by before you even get time to sit with it and enjoy its company before you even get to familiarise yourself with it.

But happiness is a state of mind. Some people achieve it in little things like ochre ombre skies and rainbow butterflies. Little, little joys of life! While some search for it their whole life and still can’t get anywhere near it.

But what most people forget is that happiness comes from within. You don’t have to search for it outside. It is your habits. It is your actions. It is your thoughts. It is YOU.

This article will discuss the relationship between habits and happiness and list 10-morning habits to boost your happiness.

What Is The Relationship Between Happiness And Morning Habits?

Happiness and morning habits share the same connection that you share with your pet, strong and deep. The relationship between morning habits and happiness can be ascertained from the fact that one can affect the other and has the power to change it completely.

The way we start our day can set the tone for the rest of the day. 

Cultivating positive morning habits can help us feel more productive, energetic, and optimistic throughout the day.

Research shows that positive morning habits when practiced consistently, can reduce stress, boost your energy, and improve your productivity.

It is not a surprise that the happiest, wealthiest, and healthiest people are all known to follow a morning routine. They tend to actually enjoy their mornings. 

They thrive on waking up with the sun and look forward to the day because they believe that every day is going to bring new possibilities. They welcome these new possibilities with their arms wide open. 

Following are the ten habits that you can include in your morning ritual to have an increased sense of well-being and give direction and purpose to your day.

Gratitude And Prayer

Morning Habits To Boost Your Happiness

The happiest and healthiest people we know tend to start the day with gratitude. Take, for example, Satya Nadella. In an interview, he claimed to have practiced gratitude on a daily basis. He still does!

Practicing gratitude is associated with a sense of happiness and satisfaction. Gratitude helps you to truly appreciate your life and its little treasures. 

Pray, thank god for everything that you have achieved so far. Write three things every morning that you are grateful for. This is one of the habits to boost your happiness. 

Every Day Is A Fresh Start

Morning Habits To Boost Your Happiness

The healthiest people we know believe that every day is a brand new day and a chance to do something new and different. 

This is a sign of resilience. Resilience gives you purpose and, ultimately, happiness.

Successful people are not bogged down by failures of one day because they know this is just a bump in the marathon of life.

Practice Affirmation And Meditate Regularly To Read Positive Quotes

Morning Habits To Boost Your Happiness

Start your day with affirmations and positive quotes. Happiness is more spiritual than materialistic. The thought that once I achieve this, I will be happy is a spiral and a rabbit hole. 

Affirmations are a way of reminding the path we have taken to reach where we are and the path we should take to reach where we want to be.

Steve Jobs’ day started with a question, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” 

Ask yourself such questions. Take some time to answer these as part of your morning routine.


Morning Habits To Boost Your Happiness

Regular exercise is a very important morning habit. Exercise increases the blood flow in your body and mind. Keep it on priority in your morning routine. 

Morning exercise tends to keep you energetic throughout the day. 

Working out can improve how you feel about your body, and it can help you attain a higher sense of body positivity.

Play some music to give you motivation while working out and help calm your nerves.

Take Some Time For Yourself Before Rushing Out

Morning Habits To Boost Your Happiness

This time should be strictly your time. Even the wealthiest and most successful people have admitted to having this habit of taking time out for themselves. 

You can do whatever you want to do during this time. This time should be entirely yours. Do something for yourself, something that gives you happiness, something that gives you satisfaction. Work on your hobbies and interests.

Be Present At The Moment

Morning Habits To Boost Your Happiness

“Savour this moment as if it were your last breath.

You can live only one day at a time, and no one can be certain that they will wake up the next morning. So, let’s not postpone happiness. The best moment in your life is always this one.” – Garcia and Miralles.

This quote is taken from the book “Ikigai.” 

One of the most common differences between the happiest and not-so-happy people is that they know that the only time that they can focus on is the present. 

Brooding over the past will yield nothing, and being anxious about the future will get them nowhere.

Get Some Fresh Air And Morning Sun

Morning Habits To Boost Your Happiness

The morning walks can be beneficial to all species. Walking has also been proven to increase the creative process within the mind. 

You can start your day by walking a mile or two. An early morning walk is a method of exercise that is needed by dogs and humans alike. Bring your pet along if you have one.

In addition, you’ll be able to get fresh, crisp air and sun that helps to boost your sense of vitality. If you’re not a pet owner, take an excursion on your own! Nature is the best way to relax your mind.

Plan Your Day

Morning Habits To Boost Your Happiness

It’s extremely important to plan your day as a part of your morning habits to boost happiness. Having a to-do list will provide structure to your day. It will also help you to prioritize the important tasks.

Go through your calendar while sipping your cup of joe. This will help you schedule your day effectively. You will not forget important events and will definitely not get surprises and experience bouts of anxiety and worry throughout the day.

This habit is followed by one of the most successful people in the world.

Shower And Choose Bright Colors To Wear 

Morning Habits To Boost Your Happiness

A quick shower every day is necessary every day. There are several ways you can enjoy this experience rather than looking at it as a chore or something that you must or should do every day.

On average, people spend 12 minutes in the shower, and you can try to make it quick. Let the water beat down on your skin and back like a massage. Blow dry your hair and pick the brightest clothes to wear. 

Bright-colored clothes are known to have a psychological effect and instantly brighten up your mood. Bright clothes also have the ability to brighten the mood of someone who is interacting with you. 

Yellow is the most cheerful color.


Morning Habits To Boost Your Happiness

Reading and journaling need not necessarily be done in the morning, but nevertheless should be done regularly and on an everyday basis. 

Reading brush up your skills, and journaling levels up the tides experienced by your emotions.

Reading and journaling are considered to be rituals of self-improvement. It helps you grow your insights and knowledge. 

If you start your day with reading, you can start on a positive note because it will fill your head with new ideas that you can utilize throughout the day.

Make sure not to start your day by reading newspapers because it will do the exact opposite of what reading should do. Reading the newspaper will fill your mind with negative and cruel news early in the morning.


That’s all about the list of 10-morning habits to boost happiness. Assimilate these habits in your daily morning routine, and you will see all the difference. You will find yourself more organized, more settled, and more in tune with your emotions. 

Cultivating happiness involves engaging in activities that bring joy and satisfaction. But happiness, ultimately, is a subjective experience. 

Every person experiences it differently. It’s important to have a fair idea of what happiness means to you and actively work in the direction of achieving it.

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