70+ Positive Affirmations To Stay Calm

We all face mental hurricanes in our lives, and there are times when it gets very difficult to handle everything happening around us.

Our mind takes a stroll and leaves us anxious. Life is all about ups and downs, but we humans give more energy to downs and feel hollow inside. Anxiety seizes our ability to think or reason, and in these particular situations, one needs to learn to stay calm.

There are multiple ways to keep calm and work positively in life, and one of the ways is using affirmations to keep your mind and soul at peace.

Affirmations not only help you be confident but also help you stay calm even in the worst situations. All you need to do is look for the right kind of words that push you to be mentally strong and repeat them to yourself every morning. 

How Do You Define Affirmations?

Affirmations are nothing but words and phrases that help you become the best version of yourself. Once you figure out what phrases or words make you feel confident or better about yourself and repeat them consistently before starting your day, you begin to see positive changes in your life. Affirmations keep your mind positive and help you get rid of negativity in your life. 

Here are some positive affirmations to stay calm.

Positive Affirmations To Stay Calm 

  • I am in love with my body.
  • My mind and soul are at peace.
  • I can handle difficulties and chaos with calm.
  • I know how to calm my mind when it takes a stroll.
  • I think twice before speaking badly about myself. 
Positive Affirmations To Stay Calm
  • I am strong and independent.
  • My thoughts are always rational and clear.
  • I don’t let my emotions diverge me from what I want to achieve in life.
  • I am surrounded by good people.
  • I am loved and supported in a hundred ways.
Positive Affirmations To Stay Calm

Morning Affirmations To Stay Calm 

  • The universe always works in my favor. 
  • Everything is under control. 
  • Anxiety is nothing but fear of the future, and I know I can’t control the future.
  • What I have is now, and I will make the best out of it.
  • I don’t cry over what’s gone or done.
Positive Affirmations To Stay Calm
  • I am learning to live better every day. 
  • I can’t control everything.
  • I breathe in and out every time I feel anxious. 
  • Things will not always be on my side, and that’s okay. 
  • I never fail. I only learn. 
Positive Affirmations To Stay Calm

Powerful Affirmations To Stay Calm 

  • I am a better person than I was yesterday. 
  • My mind is my companion. 
  • I take care of my mental health.
  • I am aware of my physical health. 
  • I eat good food. 
Positive Affirmations To Stay Calm
  • I take a good amount of sleep every day. 
  • I feed my mind with good and positive thoughts.
  • I have everything that I need in my life.
  • I am capable of solving problems and facing troubles. 
  • I don’t lose my mind every time life gets tough.
Positive Affirmations To Stay Calm

Affirmations To Stay Calm 

  • It cannot always be happy and fun; there will be bad times, and I am ready for that. 
  • I take life as it comes.
  • I take it one day at a time. 
  • All is well, and I am doing great.
  • People around me acknowledge my efforts.
Positive Affirmations To Stay Calm
  • I will get through this. 
  • I am the bravest person I have ever seen. 
  • I have always been calm and composed.
  • I control my mind, and my mind cannot control me. 
  • I am the best. 
Positive Affirmations To Stay Calm

Positive Affirmations To Stay Calm 

  • I have a great family and supportive friends.
  • It’s okay. Life happens. 
  • It’s alright; things happen.
  • Nothing is permanent, neither sorrow nor happiness. 
  • This shall pass too.
Positive Affirmations To Stay Calm
  • I am shifting towards peace. 
  • I am a peaceful person. 
  • I treat people with respect and love.
  • I know that bad times are temporary. 
  • This cannot break me.
Positive Affirmations To Stay Calm

Powerful Positive Affirmations To Stay Calm 

  • I welcome the feeling of calm. 
  • My life is the most peaceful right now. 
  • Nothing can break my inner peace.
  • No matter what, I always come out as a winner. 
  • I have seen worse handled it peacefully. 
Positive Affirmations To Stay Calm
  • I love what I am becoming. 
  • I am getting better every day.
  • I love how my mind works
  • Thoughts are not reality. 
  • I love everyone around me. 
Positive Affirmations To Stay Calm
  • I always give love to people.
  • I am peaceful in all situations. 
  • I smile in every situation, and that keeps me calm. 
  • Calmness is in my blood. 
  • I am grateful that I am this peaceful right now. 
Positive Affirmations To Stay Calm
  • I am content.
  • Nothing can disrupt my peace.
  • I am the maker of this beautiful life. 
  • I am grateful for everything that I possess right now.
  • My mental health is my priority. 
Positive Affirmations To Stay Calm
  • I am doing my best.
  • I deserve to be at peace.
Positive Affirmations To Stay Calm

The Bottom Line 

A lot of people take affirmations lightly and never admit that the words can actually be so powerful that your whole life will shift from negative to positive in no time.

Your perception of fear, anxiety, troubles, stress, and everything negative can change just by repeating these words and phrases to yourself. You will always reflect positivity, and nothing can stop you from living your dream life. 

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